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Wedding Fitness

Getting Fit for the Big Day

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This community for people looking to get in shape (and not necessarily to lose weight) before their wedding.
It was started based on a six month work-out plan found out www.theknot.com (which you can see here).
As of 4/12/04, several of us are starting the workout together, and we're using this community to support each other and help each other keep up with the program. I encourage you to join at any time, though. You can start at the beginning or in the middle if you like!
If you have questions about or would like to discuss other workout methods, we'd be more than happy to hear about them!

I'd just like to emphasize that this community is NOT focused on weight loss. Part of the workout program involves monthly weighing and measuring, which you can choose to do if you would like. But this is about getting IN SHAPE for your wedding, whatever that means to you. If it means dropping a few pounds, this plan will more than likely help you accomplish that. But if it just means toning up a bit, raising your energy level, and reducing your stress (with the side benefit of losing weight), this could be a GREAT plan for you.
This community is not meant to promote a negative self-image. You will look wonderful on your wedding day, no matter what you do. This is just a short term exercize plan that will hopefully teach life-long good habits!
If you have any questions, please contact the moderator, saltygoodness.